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tv   The Ed Show  MSNBC  December 30, 2014 2:00pm-3:01pm PST

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he ed show" is next. good evening americans, welcome to "the ed show." live from detroit lakes, minnesota. let's get to work! ♪ ♪ >> the obama economy is a disaster. >> there is no doubt that we can enter into the new year with renewed confidence. >> the failure of the obama economy. >> america is making significant strides where it counts. >> gas prices at the lowest level in more than four years. >> in the obama economy where are the jobs. >> a trend of strong job growth is putting america on track. >> in the obama economy. >> the dow now officially topping 18,000. >> it's the obama economy now and we're not going to let people forget it. good to have you with us tonight folks. thanks for watching. don't you just love our archive
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tape. we're starting tonight with what i think is the biggest story of this year 2014 it's the economy. the reason i say that is because there has been so much effort put forward by the republicans to trash the economy, to obstruct everything president obama dreamed of doing with this economy. we are living in the obama economy and the results are astonishing. let's go back for just a moment. to march of 2009. when there was a big discussion in the media about when is this going to be the obama economy, how about now? the dow closed out at nearly 18,000 again today. wall street has had record breaking runs this year. $36.5 billion worth of stocks were bought last week alone in the united states. think about that. the republicans continue to talk about there's not a lot of confidence out there, really?
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give me a number of billions of dollars that you think would be confident? the economy is creating jobs faster than ever. 321,000 private sector jobs were added in the month of november. we've seen 57 straight months of private sector job growth and over 10 million jobs have been created since the great recession. the unemployment rate if you would have said it would get below 6% in 2009 or '10, you would say no way well it's at 5.8% today. president obama knows the strength of these numbers and shared his perspective in an interview on npr. >> i am obviously frustrated with the results of the midterm election. i think we had a great record for members of congress to run on. and i don't think we, myself
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and the democrat party made as good a case as we should have. >> what was the issue? the only problem is that the democrats didn't yell loud enough come last november. it is crying over spilt milk. the president did inherit a financial disaster from the last administration. in march 2009 we lost 826,000 jobs a day. got that number? panic spread on wall street. the dow jones bottomed out at 6600. if you jumped in and hung on you're doing a lot better today. republicans of course blame president obama for the financial devastation. >> they are tired of settling for this new normal under the obama economy. and frankly they're tired of asking the question where are the jobs. >> working class jobs blue color jobs where people can earn a living provide for their family, those are the jobs that have been decimated under the
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obama economy. >> what we need the president to do is to say the obama economy is not working. >> i think people are going to conclude that the obama economy is not working. >> small business start ups, entrepreneurship remains at a 17-year low in the obama economy. >> in the obama economy we're facing a looming fiscal crisis that some have called the most predictable in history. >> well republicans said dodd frank any kind of movement on wall street would tank the stock market. the record breaking numbers have shown the opposite effect. in 2012 republicans said repealing the bush tax cuts would be a big job killer. >> that was money they were going to invest in creating a job or spend in the economy. now the government's going to take it. >> you want to talk about a train wreck, you're talking about a big one. >> you can't be for jobs and against the very people who create the jobs. >> our friends on the other side
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are practicing what could best be described as they will ma and louise economics. >> let's extend where we are now as op poeszed to looking at the -- if . >> we have more tape. let's not forget obamacare. republicans said this life-saving law would also kill a bunch of jobs. >> when obamacare was debate the in congress we screamed that it just wouldn't work. it would be a job killer. >> obamacare is the biggest job killer in the country. >> let's repeal the failure before it literally kills women, kills children kills senior citizens, let's not do that. let's love people. >> there's only one escape patch that will fully help those
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trapped. by this law. and that's full repeal. >> in my opinion obamacare is the biggest job killer we have in america today. >> so what's the fair commentary? is it fair to say the republicans were kind of off base? that the republicans were wrong? or is that too strong a word? the economy has added millions of private sector jobs since the president signed the affordable care act. that is a basic number. obama's economic policies basically dug this country out of the depth of financial collapse and we were on the verge of collapse. president obama believed in american workers and the republicans did not. in 2012 the best candidate the republican party could put up wanted to let the automobile
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industry go bankrupt. not only did president obama save them bru brought over $15 billion. >> today our rescue of the automobile industry is over and is on track for its strongest year since 2005. we've created about half million new jobs in the auto industry alone. >> so how good are the number snz i s. i think they look pretty good. groefrver s norquest wants credit. nice try. causation doesn't mean correlation. the economy has surged in spite of the republicans admission to strangle president obama's growth policies across the board. economists agree, stimulus
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package boasted the market housing, corporate, stock markets, obamacare, it's working. republicans are running around saying drill, baby, drill. we did that. we've been doing all kinds of drilling and i haven't heard the republicans complain when the latest oil prices out there. in fact it is causing putin, our adversary a lot of problems. president obama's economy broke records in 2014. i think the economy is the biggest story of 2014. what do we have to look forward to? well if we go back into our archive and look at the last couple months this is what we have to look forward to. republicans, and it is all over talk radio even in the mid-west
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well it's corporate tax rates. we have corporations paying more taxes then anyone else on the face of the earth. really? after all the write offs and after they park billions of dollars off shore the tax rate is about 17%. go look at mitt romney's return. and then of course keystone at a time we're trying to do something about climate change, we will have two year of denial with them owning the house and senate keystone probably going to get through, and we will probably bring in more oil to the market which will bring more economic instability among other countries, that's the wrong move not to mention what it will do to the environment. and they want to deregulate wall street. dodd frank is the big problem with all of this. is it fair to point out that the republicans sound byte after sound byte issue after issue on the economy, my lord, they haven't been right on anything.
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now, where are we going to go from here? i'll tell you where we're going to go from here. now the thing is going to reversion a little bitreversion a little bit. if reverse a little bit. you will see the republicans come out. the president will probably do a deal on a jobs package. it won't take maybe a year before we here narrative on the right wing saying well this -- this economy was tanking until we came in and got the house and senate we got the job package done. that's what we will see, a total reversal, them taking credit for the economy that we've seen unfold in the last six years in front of our eyes. keep in mind republicans except three, one of them spector, came over to the democrat party. none of them were in favor of
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the automobile loan. they loved to call it a bail out. no it was a loan and it's been paid back and we've profited from it. they all wanted to say the bush tax cut hz to continue on. well we did that from 2002 to 2012 president obama campaigned on the fact that sorry guys at the end of 2012 it's over. they all predicted it was a job killer, what did we do? we haven't lost jobs one single month since the bush tax cuts expired. we added two years onto it after the ten-year sunset. so now what are we about to do? we're about to do another trade agreement that is going to hurt the economy. the tpp is going to be a huge story for our economy in 2015. and this is where the democrats and some republicans because of sovereignty issues, are going to have to hold the line. we've made extraordinary
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progress in the last six years, don't throw it under the bus because there's a power change in washington. i'm all for a jobs pack angage and all for say nothing to the tpp and all for green energy. we all should be. then again we will be fighting climate for the next couple years because the republicans are in charge and they are the deniers. get your cellphone out. tonight's question will president obama ever get credit for saving the economy. text a for yes, b for no. we'll have the results later in the show. joining me tonight congressmen who sits on the weighs and means committee. always good to have you. >> good to be here. >> you bet. let's do a spilt milk conversation. let's go back. why did the democrats shy away
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from obama's strong economic record in 2014? that too is a big story, i think. the way they wouldn't run on the record. what do you think? >> ed i will never be able to understand that. every fact you've given in the last ten minutes has been out there for some period of time and everybody could see that what obama had done and he had pushed for had actually been working and people simply were the propaganda that was effecting the voters i guess effected some of the candidates to not run on obamacare, was a terrible mistake in my view. and when you look at the jobs numbers or the gross national product or any of those figure that's have gone up in the last six years, you got to say the president has brought us a million miles since 2008. the republicans are going to
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have a hell of a time this session on the one hand keeping his numbers down and on the other hand helping him do these things that you're talking about with trade and job packages. we need infrastructure. we need money into national institutes of health. into national science foundation. we need money that a lot of places and what they're going do is implement the sam brown back plan that is cut all the taxes, cutaway the money so there's nothing able you don't have nothing to work with. and sam practically got beat this tile. and the republicans are looking at that same scenario for 2016. if they keep talking about cutting away all of the tax base. you have to have money if you're going to build stuff. >> they don't want to fund anything. that's really where they are. they don't want to fund anything. they want to bare bones everything and privatize as much
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as they possibly can. actually the republicans should be high-fiving one another behind closed doors, gosh nobody is getting prosecuted look at this economy, giving us everything we want now we have the power. so what are your expectations with the republicans controlling both houses? what's this going to be like? >> well i think you will see paul rand in his glory days trying here to roll out his presidential campaign in the form of tax cuts and then promising people that it won't effect anybody. that there will be it cuts for the business and that there won't have to take any money out of anything. i think it is an impossible thing they have before them. and i'm curious to see how they spin the prop ganldaganda of giving
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the money back to the businesses and then expecting the american people to be able to go out and buy and make this consumer economy work. it just doesn't work that way. >> we don't know who the democrat nominee is going to be but you know it looks like hillary unless the earth really shakes something different. but it is going to be, i think, hard for the democrats if we have consistent growth the next couple years, to come out and say that the economy isn't doing what we've wanted it to do. obviously there will be a focus on the middle class. there's so much progress. is this going to help the next democrat contender for the white house? your thoughts? >> my thoughts are that as the numbers are getting better and better, the people are feeling, despite of the propaganda going around that we have to worry about inflation and we're going to be like greece people are talking about awful scenarios,
2:17 pm
but as things rise up it will give the next democrat candidate a good base to leap off of. the only thing ha will fix it if we get a republican who will make it good that won't work if the numbers keep coming up as they where and i don't see why they won't. the things are all running in our favor at this point and i don't see any reason why it is going to change. i think it's going to be a great time of setting up the next democrat president to take this country forward even further. >> congressmen always a pleasure, great to have you with us happy new year my friend. remember follow us on twitter and like us on facebook. thanks for all of that. coming up, new clues in the search for airasia 8501.
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plus steve scalise is under fire for his speech at a white supremacist group event. straight ahead.
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i take prilosec otc each morning for my frequent heartburn. because it gives me... zero heartburn! prilosec otc. the number 1 doctor-recommended frequent heartburn medicine for 9 straight years. one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero heartburn. there is at least some closure as opposed to not knowing what has happened and holding out hope et cetera. at least it brings an answer to us. we thank the indonesia government and rescue team in finding the plane quickly and trying to evacuate everything as quickly as possible and moving to finding out what went wrong on that tragic day. >> welcome to "the ed show" and thanks for watching toffoli.
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it >> it is a sad day, fourth day of what is still being called a search and rescue mission is set to begin in the java sea. overnight debris confirmed to be from airasia 8501 they have located six bodies and recovered three of them. searchers also found a large dark shadow under water several miles from the plane's last known location. indonesia search teams are being aided by naval and air teams from singapore where the plane was scheduled to land sunday morning. u.s. military is sending a navy aircraft and two dive teals toms to assist in recovery efforts.
2:23 pm
a ship is already on scene and a second ship will join new year's day. the airline has scheduled a flight for family member that's will fly over the search area so they can pray and pay their respects. joining me tonight salvage master at global diving and salvage. great to have you with us tonight. >> thanks ed. >> very sad no doubt about it. you've been down this road before. what challenges are that part of the world are facing those involved in the recovery effort. >> i think the number one challenge will be weather. the place is notoriously shallow, weather will definitely be a factor, sea conditions. they're going to be impacting, already are impacting operations and recovery efforts as they move forward in identifying the
2:24 pm
debris field and surveying it with sonar, getting a good map of it they will do that but once they start diving weather conditions will definitely be a factor. >> what can the wreckage tell us about flight 8501's final moments as you piece this together? >> well i'm not an expert in that field, ed but i think if they have a large varied spencer hadleyo it would tell me they . >> if they have a large shadow it tells me they came down in a relatively large piece of airplane. the aviation experts are the guys to go to for that. if it is a large piece of debris and the fusel lodge is in fact it will make the recovery efforts for the black boxes and the victims probably a lot easier to accomplish. >> okay there's debris so the black boxes are somewhere. what in your professional experience of the recovery
2:25 pm
effort, what are the chances of us those researchers and rescue workers getting the black bofls in possession. >> i think is excellent. take the shadow out of the picture for a bit. once they ijdhind cast from where they found the debris on the surface it they hind cast using set and drift and current wind conditions, they will search if sonar and find the debris field with sonar and have all the pieces, they will have a good 3d image of what is on bottom. the black boxes are typically located near the stern, or tail of the aircraft. if it is as large a piece as they expect it will be very easy to recover those. >> so it is not a needle in a hey stack. >> not by any stretch like the
2:26 pm
malaysia flight. it is shallow water and they know where the debris is they will be able to narrow down the search area very quickly. they have military vessels equip with sonar on site and i'm sure they are surveying for the debris field. >> from your experience the debris field, the diameter of it how many miles do you think this would stretch? seeing it came from the sky at least last reported just 30,000 plus feet. >> i think it will probably be pretty small. again, it's shallow water. so you're not going to have a lot of time for the debris to get from the surface to the sea floor. that would spread water currents would spread the debris. i think it will be a pretty tight field. i really don't know. it all depends how the plane impacted the water.
2:27 pm
the sonar search will tell us that story very quickly. >> okay. great to have you with us and i appreciate your time tonight. salvage master in portland oregon here on "the ed show." still to come tonight, david duke speaks out about the scandal surrounding the new house majority whip. and later, jim harbaugh inks the big deal. what's it mean for major colleges going after new coaches coaches. next your questions on ask ed live. we're right back.
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2:31 pm
here's what i think. i think the polar ice cap could totally melt and they'd still be in denial. that's kind of a tall order. maybe impossible. our next question from sam. wants to know who is your all time favorite college football player? he wore number 88 played tight end for morehead state, name is jeff tesh head at bermigi state university. he led the nation in receiving and i led the nation in passing. couldn't have done it without hummer. i'll tell you.
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welcome back to "the ed show" thanks for watching tonight. republicans have spent millions on rebranding in an effort to win over minority voters. now just a week before the start of a new congress the gop faces a test of how genuine those efforts are. on monday congressman steve scalise admitted to addressing a group of white supremacists and
2:36 pm
neo-nazi neo-nazi's when he was state legislature. his office confirmed he spoke before the group known as euro back in 2002 was founded by none other than david duke former grand wizard of the kkk who ran for governor in 1991 euro is recognized as a hate group, plain and simple. which is why scalise is now calling the whole thing a big mistake and regrets it all. he said this. not entirely ludicrous. in 1999 he was one of three
2:37 pm
louisiana state representatives who voted against making martin luther king's birthday a state holiday. one of six who voted against a similar bill. for the king holiday we all knew was going to be approved yet scalise made a point of voting against it anyway. those votes, i believe, take on a new meaning today. who doesn't know david duke and what he is all about. give me a break. he was first elected to office in 1989. if steve scalise is that ignorant to his own state politics he shouldn't be representing louisiana in anyway, shape, or form. joining us now professor and senior fellow at the southern poverty law center. gentleman great to have you with us. >> pleasure.
2:38 pm
>> i have to go back to 2002 when trent lot was honoring then, who is now deceased senator from south carolina thurman. he said if we had voted for thurman we wouldn't have all these other problems. that created a big fire storm. trent lot had to leave as senate minority leader. so what is different today. it is known who he spoke to. do you believe scalise's claim that didn't know about this group are genuine? >> i just don't think that's possible. the fact is that scalise is a louisiana politician. with anational aspirations at the time and he simply had to know who duke was. duke had made international headlines running first for senate and then for governor of louisiana in 1991 and actually
2:39 pm
came very close to winning. stully actually won the majority of white votes. both duke and his group euro was very well known. it is worth remembering at the time david duke was the best known white-supremacist in the world. >> yeah. >> so it got enormous attention. it is not possible it seems to me that scalise didn't know who duke and the group were. >> and so scalise wants the american public to believe he didn't know about the group and he didn't have anything to do with them and he has a small staff at the time and that's why they did research. what politician didn't know what group he's talking to. this is amazing. doctor, you've had your own experience with scalise. do you believe his story? >> absolutely not. look, this is not about racism. scalise knew. whether he is racist or not it doesn't matter he wanted votes
2:40 pm
at all cost he's a politician. this is more about a divided republican party. the ultra conservatives and the conservatives. we know they only need 30 votes to oust john boehner. and then this comes out? sounds fishy. people call it lesser of two evils i call it the evil of two lessers. i testify in congress with steve scalise sub committee on the use of fema trailers and steve scalise is an okay guy. the issue is not about the fact he went to this david duke rally, for lack of a better term because that's basically what it is what it's about with the sony issue with all this hacking, you would be surprised all the stuff that comes out when we start delving into our politicians pockets and e-mails. >> all right.
2:41 pm
mark your center monitors groups like euro what kind of activities has this group been involved in in the last 20 years. >> truth is it hasn't been involved in a whole lot. it is simply duke's latest vehicle. earlier he was with the nights of the ku -- kkk and euro was his baby. at the time it was an important group in that the leading activists were the leading white supremacist in the united states. in recent years it has become nothing but a paper tiger, a device that is used to sell duke's books and his writings and that's really about what they do today. >> well david duke is jumping on the headlines threatening those in congress.
2:42 pm
in an interview with fusion he claims scalise is not the only politico he's met and had associations with and said this. so in other words, he's saying he is going to identify those who he has had associations with in the past which i would think most politicians couldn't want anything to do with. >> right. >> so boehner releases a statement today saying this. doctor what do you make of the statement and the position of the speaker? >> i'll tell you what i've met david duke on many occasions, he's not the kind of guy that just lets people come into his fray and doesn't like the way that they do business or their politics. so, you know sbainjohn boehner is
2:43 pm
out there trying to play two sides of the coin trying to salvage his party. but the reality is steve scalise went to that rally and he knows he made a really big mistake and the people of louisiana which i am one of them we take no prisoners in making sure people who do that type of thing need to be penalized and i think he will be. >> well it sounds like obviously boehner is standing behind him. so is he going to -- if we voted for strom we wouldn't have problems. >> it seems to me speaking in front of the hate group, is paralleling other activities. is he going to survive this. >> it is an interesting question. before lot got in trouble in 2002 for his comments in 1998
2:44 pm
trent lot was found to have been associating with endorsing, giving talks to another white supremacist group called the council of conservative citizens. so in his case he sur vied the first time. although after a week of very ugly national press. when he made his comments four years later about thurman that was it. whether or not scalise is able to survive this time is very much open to question. it seems in louisiana certainly the republican party is very much rushing to his side. what's happening nationally is more up in the air, it seems to me. it is true that boehner is supporting him but i sure bet that we're not going to see any republican presidential candidates endorsing or standing behind scalise. >> all right. appreciate both your time gentleman. thank you. coming up party like it's 1992. today we're closer than ever to
2:45 pm
another bush-clinton presidential match up. is america ready?
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new always discreet pads over poise. visit for coupons and to learn more. interesting story tonight, who says you can ever go home oh yeah you can go home for the money. san francisco 49ers head coach jim harbaugh leaving to go back to his all ma mater. this could be a new trend. high profile coaches who have had a lot of -- exposure going back to their colleges. this is what he said today. >> in any first team meeting i was ten minutes late to the first team meeting, coach told me i would never play a single
2:50 pm
down at the university of michigan my entire career. [ laughter ] and then now 2014 tonow, 2014 to come back as a football coach at the university of michigan, i have to tell you, i have thought about that, dreamed about that since the time i was a young lad. >> hey, it's a great dream to fulfill, no doubt about it. but i also think bow schembechler university of michigan never thought they would be paying $8 million for a football coach. we're back on "the ed show" right after this.
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>> there's an old saying in tennessee, i know it's in texas, probably in tennessee, that says fool me once shame on you. fool me you can't get fooled again. >> oh, yes, one of the all-time classics. welcome back to "the ed show." this is the story for the folks who take a shower after work. watch out. all it took was two words to get the republican party all fired up about the possibility of putting another bush in the white house. it was just a couple of weeks ago, former florida governor jeb bush posted on facebook saying that he will actively explore a
2:55 pm
2016 run. a new nationwide cnn/orc poll shows 23% of the republicans surveyed support a bush run. jeb bush is ten points ahead of the closest competitor which would be new jersey governor chris christie in at 13%. on the democratic side hillary clinton is still the favorite. if she runs she has the support of 2/3 of democrats polled. elizabeth warren who said she's not running, comes in second. and joe biden at 8%. 2016 could be a flashback year in american politics. back to 1992 a bush/clinton vying for the white house. joining me tonight, professor of politics at usc and democratic strategist. always a pleasure. we can just go back and roll the old highlight tape. probably saying the same stuff
2:56 pm
who knows. let's about jeb bush. is this a good start for him? he's on top of the pack by double-digits. what do you make of it? >> his lead is not nearly as big as hillary clinton's lead in the numbers you just showed. because even in the gop, the bush legacy is not an unmixed blessing. the establishment republicans have decided they're for jeb. they think christie is too damaged, paul ryan is too unconcern, mid western governors are too remote. they're absolutely convinced that the conservative insurgence can't possibly win a general election. the establishment usually gets its way in the republican party, from bush one in 1988 to romney in 2012. it's getting tougher. rick santorum managed to stay the course through the primaries in 2012. so there's some chance that you would get a conservative activist who could come in take the nomination away from the establishment choice. although that conservative field is very divided, very much at odds, even on issues.
2:57 pm
think rand paul for example, and ted cruz on national security. so if history is any guide, i think we'll have a back to the future election. >> it sure sounds like it. the question now, moving forward, is bush going to be the uniter that his brother said he was? how strong is the faction on the right-wing? would they accept the politically moderate jeb bush, who to me, seems more like a bob dole kind of republican. >> he's actually very conservative governor of florida. he looks moderate because of the nature of this field. he for example, favors immigration reform which would help him in a general election. he can compete for hiss spannic votes. the republicans are desperate to win. they'd swallow hard and accept
2:58 pm
him just the way they accepted mitt romney. >> well bush 43 appeared on cnn earlier this month, had this to say about his brother. listen to this. >> he knows i want him to run. if i need to reiterate it i will. run, jeb. i think he'd be a great president. >> you've often referred to bill clinton and you talk about his relationship with your father and how it developed, and your mother as well. and he's your brother from another mother. what does that make hillary clinton to the bush family? >> my sister-in-law. >> do you think that your brother could run against your sister-in-law? >> yeah, and i think he'd beat her. >> see, now that tells me this is going to be an entertaining type situation when it comes to politics. people smiling, people having fun with it. what kind of campaign todo you think, and how rough and tumble would jeb bush get to get the white house? i guess that's the point i'm trying to get to. i mean is jeb bush going to do whatever it takes to get there? is he that kind of guy?
2:59 pm
>> well his father certainly did against michael dukakis. his brother did given what happened in 2000 even after the election in florida. i think jeb bush will do whatever it takes. he'll be a very tough candidate against hillary clinton. on the other hand, i think hillary clinton has demonstrated she can be pretty tough too. we all think about her losing the nomination in 2008. we forget how good she got in the second half of that primary period, how effectively she fought back. at that point, mathematically she couldn't win the nomination but she was a very different kind of candidate than the carefully briefed, very cautious candidate who had announced in 2007. so i think she'd be very tough. i think it would be a terrific race. but i got to tell you, i think the sister-in-law would beat the brother. >> you take barack obama, president obama out of the equation, you got to go back to
3:00 pm
what 1980? there's been a bush or clinton president or vice president since then. i wonder how americans are going to respond to that. we shall see. >> the history would appear to indicate they don't mind. from 1980 on almost every election, there's been a bush. i think there's going to be a bush. i think he's going to come in second. i think he's going to lose to hillary. >> all right, bob sclump always great to visit. that's "the ed show." "politicsnation" with reverend al sharpton starts right now. good evening, rev. >> good evening, ed and thanks to you for tuning in. tonight's lead speaker boehner is standing by a powerful house republican who spoke at a white soup remist convention in 2002. today, louisiana congressman, steve scalise, the third ranking republican in the house, confirmed that he spoke before the european american unity and rights


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